Obdobja 42: Slovene Literature and Art within Social Contexts

Obdobja 41: At the Juncture of Worlds: Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language

Obdobja 40: Slovene Poetry

Obdobja 39: Slovene – discourses, genres and language varieties between identity and function

Obdobja 38: Public Speech in Slovene, Linguistic-Cultural Awareness and Self-Confidence

Obdobja 37: Slovene Literature in Old Media: Manuscripts and Printed Material

Obdobja 36: Slovene Literary Manuscripts from the Middle Ages to the Long Nineteenth Century

Obdobja 35: Toporišič´s Era

Obdobja 34: Grammar and Dictionary – Current language description

Obdobja 33: The Reception of Slovene Literature

Obdobja 32: The Social Functionality of Language (Aspects, Criteria, Definitions)

Obdobja 31: Slovene Drama

Obdobja 30: Interdisciplinarity in Slovene Studies

Obdobja 29: Contemporary Slovene Literature (1980–2010)

Obdobja 28: The Infrastructure of the Slovene Language and Slovene Studies

Obdobja 27: The Reformation in Slovene Lands (On the 500th Anniversary of Trubar’s Birth)

Obdobja 26: Slovene Dialects – System and Use

Obdobja 25: Literature in Education – Aims, Content, Methods

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