Examination Centre

The Examination Centre develops and administers tests of Slovene as a second and foreign language, confirming candidates’ language competence by issuing relevant documents on the basis of exam results.


Exams of Slovene as a second and foreign language are intended for adults who need a valid document attesting to knowledge of Slovene for official or private purposes. They can be taken at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.


Registering for the exam



E: izpitni.center@ff.uni-lj.si
T: +386 (0)1 241 86 47

MON–FRI: 9.00–11.00 am & 2.00–3.00 pm
(every first Wednesday of the month until 5 pm)
Until further notice, office hours are only possible by phone and e-mail.

Examination Centre of the Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language
3 Trubarjeva cesta (1st floor)
SI-1000 Ljubljana

All exams of the Examination Centre take place at the Faculty of Arts (2 Aškerčeva, Ljubljana).

General information

We would like to inform all users of the Slovene language exams that the Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language does not cooperate with any institution offering Slovene language exams and issuing corresponding certificates abroad. Certificates of Slovene language competency issued by other institutions are not publicly recognised in Slovenia not are they internationally recognised.

  • Registering and deregistering

  • Exam fee

    Breakthrough level 121,27 EUR
    Basic level 147,97 EUR
    Intermediate level 166,27 EUR
    Advanced level 166,27 EUR

    The exam fee covers information about the exam, the exam itself, a Certificate of Slovene or statement of results, and postage costs.

    Candidates who are entitled to a free-of-charge first attempt at the Slovene language exam at the basic level must present a Certificate of Eligibility; this certificate is obtained at the responsible administrative unit. The costs of the examination are covered by the Ministry of the Interior and the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. More …

    The fee for individual exam is higher.

  • Exam administration

    The Slovene language exams are composed of a written and an oral section. For both sections you will have to prove your identity by means of valid photo identification. For the written section of the exam you will need a pen; you may not use any other aids. Candidates take the advanced level exam on computers (provided by the Examination Centre).

    The written and the oral section of the breakthrough and the basic level exam are usually administered the same day, while at the intermediate level and advanced level the two sections are administered over two (usually consecutive) days.

  • Results

    Candidates will receive their exam results no later than 30 work days after the exam. If the candidate has passed the exam, s/he will receive a Certificate of Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language, along with an insert about the results. The Certificate is a publicly valid document and the candidate can use it for various official purposes.

    If the candidate fails the exam, s/he will receive a statement of results.

  • Candidates’ Rights

    After the exam, candidates can look at their exam papers and discuss their answers; they will also receive an explanation about the grade awarded. Appointments for looking into the exam documentations must be arranged in advance.

    Candidates can appeal against the exam procedure (within eight days of the exam) or against the exam result (within eight days of having receiving the result). The appeal must be justified and written in Slovene. Address for appeals:

    Izpitni center Centra za slovenščino kot drugi in tuji jezik 
    Pritožna komisija Izpitnega centra
    Trubarjeva cesta 3
    SI-1000 Ljubljana

    An example of a complaint.

    In the event of an appeal, the Appeals Commission for meets no later than 30 work days after having received an appeal. The Appeals Commission’s decision is final.

  • Candidates with special needs

    Candidates with special needs can take the exam in an adapted form, for example, with additional writing time, larger print, by means of lip reading, and so on. The candidate can take an adapted exam if he or she asks to do so when registering and if he or she provides the appropriate confirmation or recommendation of a specialist doctor.

  • Sample test

  • FAQ

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