Slovenska beseda v živo 1a


Textbook and workbook

Authors: Andreja Markovič, Mojca Stritar, Tanja Jerman, Staša Pisek

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Slovenska beseda v živo 1a is the first set of course materials in the series Slovenska beseda v živo for learning Slovene as a second and foreign language. It is designed for adult students participating in beginner’s courses. This set comprises a textbook and workbook with an answer key, as well as two audio CDs for listening activities. It is meant for use in a classroom with approximately 120 to 140 hours of class time, although with a suitable selection of content it could also be used for shorter courses.

Slovenska beseda v živo 1a aims at achieving the level A1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Using a communicative approach it provides basic words and phrases for everyday communication. Once completed, students can continue their study with Slovenska beseda v živo 1b (A2), and then Slovenska beseda v živo 2 (B1).

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