Slika jezika


fotke za sliko jezika


Slikovno gradivo za poučevanje slovenščine kot drugega/tujega jezika

Authors: Mihaela Knez, Matej Klemen, Damjana Kern, Tjaša Alič, Katja Kralj, Andreja Markovič, Staša Pisek, Mojca Stritar


The pictorial material Slika jezika (Picture of the language) is a didactic aid in the form of cards that facilitate relaxed learning of vocabulary and linguistic patterns in Slovene as a second or foreign language classes.

It comprises 1882 word and picture cards, divided into 18 groups. Each group includes the names of basic notions in a particular theme. With the cards comes a teacher’s book which presents a number of suggestions for activities or games using the cards.

The pictorial material is aimed at teacher-led class work where learners play an active role. It is particularly useful when the teacher and the learners do not share a language. The reality shown on the picture cards facilitates and eases the initial assimilation of the language. Cards are also welcomed by all beginners, since activities using cards dynamically supplement lessons and offer many opportunities for the assimilation of language and the affirmation of already assimilated language knowledge.

You can also try learning with pictures through the games on our website (currently under construction).