SLOVENŠČINA 1+, Slovnične tabele in vaje

Slovnične tabele in vaje za južnoslovanske govorce slovenščine kot drugega jezika

Authors: Mojca Stritar Kučuk, Helena Šter



Slovenščina 1+

Slovenščina 1+ is a set of learning materials prepared for international students who in their first year at the University of Ljubljana have classes in the lectureship for Slovene as a Foreign Language. Since the great majority of the students are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia or Macedonia, there is an emphasis on issues of relevance to speakers of South Slav languages. Slovenščina 1+ is designed for 90–120 contact hours of Slovene, although highly motivated users can of course work through it more quickly.

The first part – Grammar tables and exercises for South Slav speakers of Slovene as a Foreign Language – contains the basic grammatical content that such speakers encounter in the first stage of learning. The main focus is on morphological as well as syntactical questions. The chapters are arranged in terms of parts of speech, but the order of treatment of the material is decided by the teacher, who supplements the grammar tables with further explanations. The tables themselves offer only a basic explanation, or make it easier to remember the rules.

Language learning should never be limited only to grammar, and so the second part of Slovenščina 1+ offers communication-oriented materials with communicative patterns, vocabulary exercises and text examples.

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