S slovenščino nimam težav



Authors: Andreja Markovič, Vesna Halužan, Mateja Pezdirc Bartol, Danuša Škapin, Gita Vuga




The textbook S slovenščino nimam težav is intended for participants of short (40 to 80 lessons) courses of Slovene as a second and foreign language at intermediate level. It is designed for those who have previously mastered the programme at beginners’ level in courses of Slovene as a second and foreign language, to those who learned Slovene from the environment but whose knowledge is a good deal disorganised and whose vocabulary is limited, or to those who have already learned Slovene but a long while ago. It is intended also for beginners, providing they are speakers of one of the Slavonic languages. The textbook, which is accompanied by a CD with recordings of texts and exercises, is designed in such a manner that teachers can arbitrarily choose individual parts they wish to work with in class (depending on the duration of the course and the participants’ level of ability).


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