Čas za slovenščino 2


Textbook/workbook for teenagers;

Authors: Mihaela Knez, Damjana Kern, Matej Klemen, Tjaša Alič

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The textbook set Čas za slovenščino 2, made up of a text book, a workbook and a CD, is aimed at youngsters from age 12 who are beginners in Slovene but who can already communicate at CEFR level A1. The content relates mainly to the everyday life of young people, as well as life in Slovenia. There are five extensive units with numerous themes where learners learn how to introduce themselves and their families, relatives and friends; to describe what they do at school and in their spare time; to describe key events in their lives, their home and the place they live; to communicate in typical situations, such as shopping, ordering food, visiting the doctor; to simply express wishes, interests, opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, giving simple advice, comparing things, inviting and accepting invitations, describing their immediate and wider environment, what tasks they have at home and in school, what health and other issues they have; and finally to ask about these things and to write simple texts about them. The material is meant for use in class: there are 80 hours of material for speakers of Slavic languages and around 180 hours for those who speak more distant languages. The language level learners are expected to achieve by using the material is roughly A1 on the Common European Framework of Reference A2.

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