Učbenik za učenje slovenščine kot drugega in tujega jezika (A2)

Authors: Tanja Jerman, Katja Murn, Tina Jugović




The textbook Mozaik slovenščine is intended for adult speakers of Slavic languages learning Slovene for the first time and for speakers of other languages that have already learned Slovene either at a beginners’ level or from their environment. It is designed for at least eighty learning hours with a teacher, but can also be adapted and used for shorter language courses. The first part of the textbook covers topics related to everyday situations in which speakers of Slovene as a second language may find themselves. The material includes a variety of texts through which users can learn about Slovene society and culture. The second part contains a collection of (grammar) exercises. The textbook Mozaik slovenščine allows users to reach level A2 on the CEFR scale. The authors of the textbook, Tanja Jerman, Katja Murn and Tina Jugović, have extensive experience with teaching Slovene to speakers of other languages in Slovenia and abroad, and have prepared various other learning materials for these speakers.