Fonetika 1


Authors: Hotimir Tivadar, Urban Batista





The textbook Phonetics 1 deals with the basic phonetics of the Slovene standard language. In addition to the theoretical fundamentals, the authors Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hotimir Tivadar and Urban Batista offer exercises to reinforce pronunciation, so the textbook is also a communication handbook with essential information about pronunciation. The learning material draws upon the experience of teaching the language to Slovene students at the University of Ljubljana, as well as to students of Slovene as a Second or Foreign Language at lectureships abroad and on courses organised by the Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language.

The theoretical part of the book includes the chapter Transcribing letters and the pronunciation of phonemes and The theoretical basics of Slovene phonetics. This is followed by the lengthy Conversation exercises to reinforce pronunciation, where the thematically arranged exercises facilitate individual and pair work. Accompanying the exercises are recordings of texts that students can listen to and try to repeat words, sentences and dialogues, thus improving their pronunciation. This is followed by songs with well-known melodies and additional, more difficult pronunciation exercises. At the end of the book are Transcript of spoken texts with solutions to exercises and a short Slovene-English terminological dictionary.