Authors: Tanja Jerman, Staša Pisek, Anja Strajnar




Slovenščina ekspres is a textbook for beginners.

It is aimed at adults who want to get to know or to refresh basic vocabulary and communication patterns for everyday communication in Slovene.
It is suitable for short Slovene courses (up to 40 hours), and because of its visual and audio material it can also be used by individuals who have a basic grasp of the language and wish to refresh their knowledge.

It is made up of 6 units in which the user learns the essentials of communication in the most frequent everyday situations. Each unit contains basic vocabulary illustrated with pictures, communication patterns, short texts for reading and listening, speaking and writing activities, and grammatical sections and exercises. At the end of the unit is a list of useful words and patterns designed to assist vocabulary development.

At the end of the book are grammar tables, a list of frequent verbs, transcripts of the recordings on the CD, a key to exercises, and a detailed index.

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