Pot do izpita iz slovenščine



Authors: Damjana Kern, Mojca Stritar, Damjan Huber, Tjaša Alič, Tanja Jerman




The textbook Pot do izpita iz slovenščine (Preparing for the Slovene Examination. Text book for the examination in Slovene at intermediate and advanced levels) enables intensive preparation for the examination in Slovene at intermediate and advanced levels, while supplementing existing materials (Zbirka testov na osnovni, srednji in visoki ravni (The Collection of Tests at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level)). A number of examination tasks at two levels of difficulty help simulate the exam situation and can be of great help either with self-directed study or in organised exam preparation.

The book is divided into five sections for reading, listening, grammar, writing and speaking, corresponding to different parts of the examination. There is also a section for the revision and reinforcement of those grammatical structures that have been shown to cause most problems to those taking the examination. 

Different sections include different kinds of examination tasks, with texts covering the eight thematic areas that are also part of the programmeSlovenščina za tujce (Slovene for Foreigners) and which are included in the Slovene examination. The book also includes a key to exercises and a transcript of spoken texts.