The Intermediate Level Exam (B2)

Exam dates

A candidate who passes at the intermediate level demonstrates that s/he

  • can communicate independently in the majority of communicative situations,
  • understands the main ideas of longer, complex non-specialized texts,
  • can speak and write about a variety of topics, knows how to compose a clear, detailed text and to explain her/his standpoint clearly
  • expresses herself/himself correctly; does not make mistakes that cause misunderstandings.

Format of the intermediate level exam

Exam section Contents Time allotted Percentage of total grade
Listening Short opinions, a longer dialogue, part of a lecture (notes/open questions) 30 min. 25 %
Reading Shorter and longer complex texts from various print media and web pages 50 min. 25 %
Essay or a longer practical text 70 min. 25 %
(guided, with preparation)
Discussion about a picture, monologue: summary of a text on a selected topic 15 min. (+ 15 min. preparation) 25 %
TOTAL EXAM TIME 180 minutes

The exam at the intermediate level is usually administered over two days (one day written part, one day oral part).

The Intermediate Level Exam Sample Test and Grading