Quality indicator

In 2023, a re-audit of the exams of Slovene as a second and foreign language at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels was carried out by the ALTE (first the exams were audited in 2017). The Slovene language exam at the breakthrough level was audited for the first time. All the exams are developed and implemented by the Center for Slovene as a second and foreign language.

In the opinion of the ALTE Snading Committee, the exams of Slovene at the breakthrough, basic, intermediate, and advanced level meet all the required conditions for obtaining the quality indicator, i.e. ALTE Q-mark. 

ALTE Q-mark can be used by members organisations of the ALTE to show that their exams have passed a rigorous ALTE audit and meet all the core requirements of ALTE’s 17 quality standards; it allows test users to be confident that an exam is backed by appropriate processes, reliable procedures and criteria, and consistent standards. The indicator is valid for a period of five years.

For the Center for Slovene, the quality indicator is particularly important because it puts us alongside large institutions that have much more resources available for the development of language exams, and therefore it is easier for them to meet all the required criteria. The exams of Slovene are – in spite of the fact that Slovene is a language with few speakers – in terms of quality, comparable to exams in other languages, such as English, German, Italian …