The Breakthrough Level Exam (A1)

Exam dates

A candidate who passes at the breakthrough level demonstrates that s/he

  • can communicate in a very simple way in routine everyday situations and on familiar topics provided that the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help; interaction is accompanied with gestures and body language,
  • can understand essential factual information in very short, simple texts on everyday topics that are of his/her personal concern or interest,
  • (when guided) can provide very simple written information about matters of his/her personal concern or interest or ask about these.

Format of the breakthrough level exam

Exam section Contents Time allotted Percentage of total grade
Reading Reading for orientation, reading for information and argument, reading correspondence 25 min. 25 %
Listening Understanding conversation between other speakers, listening to announcements and instructions, listening to audio media and recordings 15 min. 25 %
(guided, while reading)
Filling in forms, writing messages (correspondence) 20 min. 25 %
(guided, with preparation)

Conversation, describing experience, giving obtaining goods and services

15 min.
(+ 15 min. preparation)
25 %
TOTAL EXAM TIME 90 minutes

The Breakthrough Level Exam Sample Test and Grading