The Basic Level Exam (A2−B1)

Exam dates

A candidate who passes at the basic level demonstrates that s/he

  • can to a great extent independently communicate in predictable communicative situations on everyday topics,
  • can understand the essential information in short, simple written and spoken texts,
  • can, with the aid of prompts, write a short text for everyday use,
  • expresses herself/himself in a simple way orally and in writing, but is able to communicate smoothly.

Format of the basic level exam

Exam section Contents Time allotted Percentage of total grade
Listening Short discussions, short announcements/ opinions, a longer conversation, instructions 25 min. 25 %
Reading Short and longer texts from various print media and web pages 40 min. 25 %
(guided, while reading)
Short practical text, responding to a letter 40 min. 25 %
(guided, with preparation)
Self-presentation, describing a picture, role playing 15 min.
(+ 15 min. preparation)
25 %
TOTAL EXAM TIME 135 minutes

The Basic Level Exam Sample Test and Grading