The Advanced Level Exam (C1−C2)

Exam dates

A candidate who passes at the advanced level demonstrates that s/he

  • can effectively and convincingly communicate in most situations,
  • has a detailed understanding of demanding, longer texts and can reliably summarize their main emphases,
  • can compose longer texts on complex topics,
  • speaks naturally and fluidly,
  • expresses himself/herself correctly in writing and speaking.

Format of the advanced level exam

Exam section Contents Time allotted Percentage of total grade
Reading and writing Longer and shorter complex texts on a selected topic Report, essay (summarizing texts) 80 min 50 %
Listening and speaking Lecture (notes)
Discussion about a specific topic, a longer monologue (presentation of a topic, summarizing a text)
20 min. for listening and preparation, 15 min. for speaking 50 %
TOTAL EXAM TIME 115 minutes

The Advanced Level Exam Sample Test and Grading

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