The Jana Zemljarič Miklavčič Scholarship Trust

Jana Zemljarič Miklavčič


During 1993 and 2008, Dr Jana Zemljarič Miklavčič (1966–2010) was the main initiator and the Head of Slovene Language Courses Programme at the Centre for Slovene as a Second/Foreign Language. During the period of her active involvement, the Slovene Language Courses Programme expanded from the Summer School of Slovene Language, her first project, to a wide-ranging programme which did not include only an increasingly wider variety of courses on offer but the entire infrastructure for their implementation as well (systematic teacher training, textbook publication etc). The area of Slovene as a second and foreign language was also the area of her research: in her Master’s thesis she worked on the history of teaching Slovene as a second language.

The Scholarship Trust is dedicated to her memory and to her work.

The Scholarship Trust

The Jana Zemljarič Miklavčič Scholarship Trust makes grants to individuals who are either professionally or non-professionally engaged in Slovene culture or in another way contribute to the promotion of Slovenia in the world.

As the grants awarded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and the Office for Slovenians Abroad are intended for individuals with Slovene background exclusively, we wish to enable candidates who do not have Slovene background, but are actively engaged in Slovene culture or in some other way contribute to the promotion of Slovenia in the world to learn Slovene with the support of the Trust. Learning the language will broaden their better understanding of Slovene contemporary life and thus support them in their work and mission.

By 1 May 2022 candidates have to send an application for a grant via e-mail to [email protected] which has to include:

  • a CV;
  • a motivation letter (an explanation why the candidate in question is eligible for the grant, what is his/her contribution to the promotion of Slovenia);
  • proofs of activities in the area of Slovene culture (e.g. a part of a study from the area of culture, a translation of works of Slovene literature etc.);
  • references (e.g. letter of recommendation)

By 15 May 2022 the Committee will carefully study all the applications and award to the three best candidates:

  • 2 grants for a two-week course at the Summer School or three-week course at the Summer School Online (EUR 600)