Courses of Slovene

Slovene language courses are intended for those whose first language is not Slovene, however, they wish to learn it for different reasons. We offer various ways of learning Slovene in a stimulative environment, with experienced teachers and quality materials. We have more than 30 years of experience in the organising of courses and thousands of satisfied participants.

Types of courses

All courses are carried out in accordance with the publicly recognised programme, Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language. Courses vary in length, intensity and content. 

Regular language courses

In regular language courses, attention is equally divided amongst all the language skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading.

  Morning courses Afternoon courses
Short courses
(1–4 weeks)
Winter school Summer school Intensive morning course Intensive course  
Long courses
(10–14 weeks)
Spring school Autumn school Morning course Afternoon course Let’s taste Slovene

Specialised language courses

Specialised language courses are intended for a specific addressee or have specific objectives.

Intensive course for Erasmus+ students Slovene for students Specialised courses for doctors and dentists (2011–2013) Courses for translators and interpreters (2003–2011)
Preparation for the basic level exam Preparation for the intermediate level exam Courses under the “Initial integration of immigrants” programme (2012–2014)

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