Project for the successful integration of children and migrant pupils in the education system

The project for the successful integration of children and migrant pupils in the education system that was carried out by the Centre for Slovene as a Second/Foreign Language at the Department of Slovene Studies of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, represents a start in the establishment of infrastructure for teaching Slovene as a second language for children and migrant pupils who are striving to become integrated in the Slovene primary and secondary education system, as well as offering their parents the possibility to learn Slovene.

The aim of the project was to enable migrant children and their parents to attain a greater capacity for communication in Slovene and in this way also more possibilities to achieve a successful education in Slovenian schools and better social integration.

Basic financial details

Value of the project: 240,764 EUR

Results achieved

  • studies were carried out to ascertain the language needs of migrant pupils. A collection was made of their written and spoken texts which were the starting point for the preparation of courses, textbook material and teaching plans. Some test guidelines for keeping tabs on knowledge of Slovene gained by pupils in the Slovene course have been drawn up;
  • plans for teaching Slovene were created which define the targets and content to be mastered by migrant pupils at the beginners level. The teaching plan for a Slovene course for foreign pupils was confirmed in June 2010 and is already in use while the teaching plan for a primary-school level Slovene course is awaiting confirmation;
  • material for teaching Slovene as a second language has been prepared for different age groups, intended for children and migrant pupils who do not yet speak Slovene when they begin attending Slovenian schools and nurseries. In July 2010 we published graphic material entitled Pictures of Language, which consists of 1,882 word and picture cards. It helps pupils learn new words, forms of communication, illustrates grammar rules and generally helps with speaking and writing. Experimental material was also prepared for the teaching of Slovene as a second language at beginner’s level for pupils of different ages. Material for pre-school, preliterate children, pupils in the last three years of primary school and secondary school pupils is in the design phase before going to print;
  • experimental Slovene courses for migrant children and their parents have been planned and implemented.

These were an attempt at implementing new forms of systematic teaching of Slovene as a second language. They were conducted in condensed form when the child entered the Slovene education system. We carried out 5 experimental courses for migrant children and their parents in Ljubljana and Kranj. They were attended by 222 people in total, 176 children and 46 parents. Both the school staff and the children and their parents recognised the course as a welcome help in learning Slovene and becoming integrated in school.

  • Final conference

    Final conference of the project project for the successful integration of children and migrant pupils in the education system took place on Friday 17 December 2010 at the premises of the Faculty of Arts and the University of Ljubljana.



    Prišel, gledal, molčal
    Priseljenci in jezikovna politika
    prof. dr. Marko Stabej, Filozofska fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani

    Language teaching in Malta
    Finding a balance between il-Malti ‘lingwa nazzjonali’ and English
    prof. dr. Sandro Caruana, Faculty of Education, University of Malta

    Predstavitev projekta in rezultatov
    mag. Stanka Lunder Verlič

    Mihaela Knez

    Odmevi na projekt – okrogla miza
    mag. Milan Rogelj, Irena Jerovšek Vogrinc,
    mag. Damjana Govekar, mag. Marjana Hodak, Damjana Kern



  • Pictures of language

    The graphic material entitled PICTURES OF LANGUAGE is a didactic accessory in the form of small cards that allow relaxed learning of words and forms of communication while learning Slovene as a second/foreign language.

    There are 1,882 word and picture cards that are divided into 18 groups. An individual group contains the names of basic concepts/objects from a particular theme. The cards are accompanied by a handbook, which presents a few proposals for activities and games that can be played with the cards.

    The graphic material is meant for use in the classroom where activities are moderated by the teacher while the pupils participate actively. It is particularly useful when the teacher and the pupil do not speak a common language. In this way the reality portrayed on the picture cards makes the first steps in learning the new language much easier. The cards are a welcome help for all beginners as they make lessons more dynamic and offer many possibilities for mastering and consolidating what has already been learnt..

    fotke za sliko jezika

    Authors: Mihaela Knez, Matej Klemen, Damjana Kern, Tjaša Alič, Katja Kralj, Andreja Markovič, Staša Pisek, Mojca Stritar

    Illustrator: Sonja Makuc

    Designer: Nina Urh

  • Photos

    Photos from Slavistic Congress in Monošter

    Mihaela Knez in Damjana Kern represent the project.

  • Contact

    Mihaela Knez, project lead
    [email protected]
    T: +386 1 241 86 88

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    Tjaša Alič, Marta Bartolj, Alma Bejtullahu, Andrej Blažon, Tanja Bovha, Rok Dovjak, Anja Gašperin, Maja Bračika Piščanc, Nuša Dedo Lale, mag. Katja Dragar, dr. Ina Ferbežar, Simona Gotal, Evgenija Jarc, Petra Jurič, Tanja Kotnik, Alenka Ličen, Marta Marinko, Biljana Mitof Višurski, Mateja Mivšek, Petra Pilka, Nataša Podhraški, Matjaž Rebolj, Irena Jerovšek Vogrinc, Sonja Makuc, Andreja Markovič, Helena Nadižar, dr. Nataša Pirih Svetina, Staša Pisek, Petra Rajk, dr. Mojca Stritar, Nina Urh, Melita Vešner, Jasna Zupan


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