Slovene for children and teenagers

The program entitled Slovene for children and teenagers that is organised by the Centre for Slovene brings together activities connected with teaching Slovene as a second/foreign language for children and teenagers. Alongside the Slovene Language Youth Summer School, which has become an annual feature of the Centre’s youth courses, we have in recent years also been organising so-called Intensive Slovene Weeks for pupils of Slovenian and Bilingual schools as well as Slovene courses for school pupils and older immigrants.


Mihaela Knez

Damjana Kern Andoljšek



Course Date Nr. of lessons Schedule Price
YOUTH SUMMER SCHOOL ONLINE 29 June–10 July 2020 30 Mon.–Fri.
350 Application
INDIVIDUAL CLASSES September–July min. 10 arranged individually 30,50/36,60 per lesson Application


  • Youth Summer School of Slovene

    The Centre for Slovene as a Foreign Language based at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana, has been organising the Slovene Language Youth Summer School since 2006. It is aimed at teenagers aged between 13 and 17. The course lasts a fortnight. In the mornings participants learn Slovene while in the afternoons and evenings they enjoy an event-filled program, which includes activities that allow them to become acquainted with Slovenia, Slovene culture, history and nature or take part in creative, sports or recreational activities.


  • Intensive Slovene Weeks

    We organise Intensive Slovene Language Weeks (a 30-hour course) for pupils of Slovenian and bilingual schools and for those who attend Slovene lessons in neighbouring countries and further afield. This course provides an important supplement to the Slovene that pupils learn in the countries they live in. In agreement with their schools, we focus on helping them at beginners or advanced level or with intensive preparations for secondary school-leaving examinations, literature classes, conversation classes etc. In the afternoons following language lessons, the pupils discover the cultural attractions of the Slovenian capital. The first Intensive Slovene Language Week was organised in 2007 for pupils from Austrian Carinthia and since 2009 similar weeks have been regularly organised also for pupils from Porabje (Hungary).


  • Slovene language courses for pupils and parents of migrants


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