Univerzita Komenského
Filozofická fakulta
Katedra slovanských filológií
Gondova 2 SK-814 99 Bratislava

dr. Saša Vojtech Poklač

In the degree programme Central European Studies, organized in in English, there are compulsory elective subjects Slovene language and culture 1–5 (5 ECTS) and Conversation in Slovene (4 ECTS). In the academic year 2015/2016 started a joint-degree master’s programme Central European Studies, part of which is also a Slovene language specialization. For the students enrolled in the programme subjects Language A in practice 1–4 (6 ECTS), Language B in practise 1–4 (4 ECTS), and the Slovene literature 1–2 (3 ECTS) is a compulsory subject, the latter being an elective subject for the students of the Comenius University. Slovene language 1–4 (3 ECTS) is a compulsory elective subject for the students of the Translation and Interpretation degree programme (Slovak langugae and culture in combination with other languages), and an (compulsory) elective subject for all other students. There are also other subjects available as (compulsory) elective subjects to the students of different degree programmes of the Comenius University: Facts about Slovenia (3 ECTS), Slovene film (3 ECTS) and Chapters of the Slovene culture (4 ECTS) Slovene courses are also offered to external participants.


(lektorat v študijskem letu 2015/2016 ne bo deloval)

Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa
Filozofická fakulta
Katedra slovenského jazyka
Štefánikova 67
SK-94 974 Nitra

dr. Saša Vojtech Poklač

Compulsory subject for Year 3 students of Slovak studies.

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