Moskovskij gosudarstvennyi universitet imeni M. V. Lomonosova
Filologicheskij fakultet
Kafedra slavjanskoj filologii
Vorobevy Gory, d. 1.
RU-119899 Moskva

Boštjan Božič

4-year degree study of Slovene with enrolment every 4 years,  again in 2019. Slovene is also an elective subject and an optional subject available to all the students of the Faculty of Philology.

St. Petersburg

Sankt-Peterburgskij gosudarstvennyj universitet
Filologičeskij fakul’tet
Kafedra slavjanskoj filologiji
Universitetskaya nab., 11
RU-199034 Sankt-Peterburg

Dr Anna Bodrova

Study of Slovene as the second and the third Slavic language for the students of Slavic philology.

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