Universität Wien
Philologisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Institut für Slawistik
Spitalgasse 2–4, AAKH Hof 3
AT-1090 Wien

Dr Elizabeta Jenko
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Jernej Ključevšek
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Degree level Slovene programmes are being replaced by new BA and MA programmes, while there is still Slovene within teacher training and an optional course for students of other programmes. 


Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz
Geisteswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Institut für Slawistik,
Institut für theoretische und angewandte
Merangasse 70
AT-8010 Graz

Mag Laura Fekonja Fonteyn
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Degree programme in Slovene (including teacher-training programme) at the Institute for Slavic Studies and Institute of Translation Studies (as a first or foreign language), optional subject for students of other programmes. Since Autumn 2008, Bologna degree programmes (3 + 2) are available at the Institute of Translation Studies: BA in Cross-Cultural Communication programme, BA in German and Cross-Cultural Communication, and MA in Translating, MA in Interpreting, and MA in Cross-Cultural Professional Communication (with Slovene as the first or foreign language), and at the Institute for Slavic Studies BA in Slovene, MA in Slovene and renewed Slovene degree teacher-training programme (10 semesters). At the Institute of Slavic Studies it is also possible to register for a doctorate in Slovene (or Philosophy, with an emphasis on Slovene language, literature, didactics or culture). At the Institute of Translation Studies, since Autumn 2011, there is also a joint second level or MA programme in Translating and Interpreting, open to students from Graz and Ljubljana.


Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt
Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften
Institut für Slawistik
Universitätsstrasse 67–69
AT-9020 Klagenfurt/Celovec

Dr Tatjana Vučajnk
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Dr Nataša Hribar
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Slovene at graduate and postgraduate level and within teacher training, optional courses for students of economy and cultural studies, optional courses for students of Slavic languages and other programmes, postgraduate students and external participants.