Education is the common thread of all the Centre’s programmes, which require academically and didactically qualified teachers of Slovene as a second and foreign language. For this purpose, the Centre organises regular training courses for its employees in the form of shorter seminars that take place twice a year, in December and June, as well as more extensive, two-day training seminars.

Because the Centre is trying to widen the circle of its employees with new teachers of Slovene as a second and foreign language who are full of knowledge and ideas, it also organises beginners’ and intermediate training courses for teaching Slovene as a foreign language to supplement education in Slovene Studies with more specialised knowledge.

The training seminars and other forms of training are also offered to others: teachers in Slovene schools who need specific knowledge for the teaching and better integration of children whose first language is not Slovene; teachers of additional Slovene lessons among Slovene immigrants; teachers of Slovene in cross-border areas; examiners in Slovene; and all those in need of academic, pedagogical and didactic knowledge in the field of Slovene as a second and foreign language.

Those who are taught by teachers trained by the Centre have no problems with Slovene!