Elective Courses

If you want your studies to be more intensive, you can decide to attend an optional course, i. e. two additional language classes a day, from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm.

Individual elective courses will last for two weeks (18 hours) and will be held if at least 5 students enrol. Please select only one of the courses on the application form. You will be placed in one of the afternoon groups on the basis of the information given on the application form. There is an additional price for the elective course, i.e. EUR 165,90.

Conversation with Phonetics for Beginners

When you arrived in Slovenia, did you find that you wanted to compliment a handsome boy or a pretty girl, but you found yourself unable to open your mouth? If you have trouble pronouncing Slovene words, then the Conversation and Phonetics for Beginners is for you.

On the course you will talk a lot. You will learn to pronounce Slovene words correctly and practice basic communication, so that you’ll be able to buy things in a shop, order in a restaurant and talk with Slovenes more fluently. And it will be fun!

The course is intended for beginners.

Conversation for the Intermediate and Advanced Level

You already speak Slovene, but still it’s not as fluent as you’d like? Join the course for intermediate and advanced students!

We will talk a lot about topics which interest you. We will give advice, talk about and describe various events, express opinions, agree, persuade or criticise. We will discover patterns for formal and informal conversations. Anyone who wishes will also be able to give an oral presentation of her/his favourite topic.

The course is intended for the intermediate and advanced level.

Slovene Literature and Culture

If you have other interests besides learning the Slovene language, such as culture, history and the literary creativity of Slovene people, join this course.

You will become familiar with the most important Slovene poets and writers, and learn about their role in the past. We will read poems, extracts from novels and plays together, and through literary works and other texts learn about Slovene culture. You will have the opportunity to try your skills as translators, poets and writers.

The course is intended for the intermediate and advanced level.


Do you think your Slovene is different from that which you hear on the radio? Did you learn your Slovene or one of the many Slovene dialects from your grandparents? Did you learn it on the street? Would you like to improve, but don’t know how to correct all the forms?

We invite you on a course of grammar, where we will explain how the Slovenian language is built, how and why one word can be modified in so many different ways, and how to form correct sentences… Above all you shall practice practice practice, and we assure you that you’ll very soon notice the difference in your speech.

The course is intended for the intermediate level.

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