17th Youth Summer School of Slovene Language Online

Youth Summer School of the Slovene Language for teenagers aged 11 to 17 will take place also online this year. The online course is an opportunity for everyone who wishes to learn Slovene from the beginning or refresh and upgrade what they have already learnt.

4–15 July 2022



4–15 July 2022

  • three 45-minute lessons a day, 30 school hours
  • from 5.00 to 7.30 pm (Slovene time)


The course is organized as a videoconference on ZOOM. The online classes are similar to the ones in a regular classroom. Your teacher is going to be with you live, every day for 3 school hours, and will answer your questions. The teacher will give you various tasks. There will be plenty of opportunities for conversation, phonetic exercises, grammar tasks, reading, listening and writing activities. 

We will send you the textbook via regular mail; you will receive them before the beginning of the course.


  • a good internet connection,
  • a computer with a camera and a microphone,
  • printer
  • and a quiet room.

Price: EUR 350

In each group there are 6 to 10 students.

  • Certificates

    Certificate of Attendance 

    At the end of the Youth Summer School you will receive an official Certificate of Attendance of a Slovene language course at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana.

    Certificate of Slovene

    If you want to obtain an official certificate of Slovene you can take the Exam of Slovene at the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Level carried out by the Examination Centre at the Centre for Slovene as a Second/Foreign Language and other institutions in Slovenia (only the Bacis Level).

  • Participants 

    Youth Summer School is aimed at teenagers aged between 11 and 17. For those over 18 years of age we will organize the Summer School Online.
  • Accompanying program

    As a part of the Youth Summer School online, we will also prepare some Accompanying activities: watching Slovene film, group challenge, conversation with a guest, quiz …
  • Scholarships

    The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad give scholarships for Slovenians from neighbouring countries and for the children of Slovenian emigrants from further afield. Applications for grants must include personal details about the candidate and reasons to support the demand. We will only consider applications written by candidates themselves. Applications for scholarships must be sent by 15 May 2022 by post (to the address of the Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language ) or by email (mladinski.tecaji@ff.uni-lj.si). Results will be given in the beginning of June 2022.

    The following will be taken into account:

    • Slovenians in neighbouring countries and children of Slovenian emigrants (proven Slovenian origin)
    • age between 11 and 17 (date of birth between 2005 and 2011)
    • the number of grants received by applicants in the past
    • participation in Slovenian organisations/institutions

    Candidates who have never been awarded a scholarship have priority. We make an exception for those candidates who have proved to be excellent students in past years.

  • Application

    You can apply for the course with the application form no later than 1 June 2022. Before starting the course we will send a placement test​. Based on the results of the test, participants will be divided into different groups depending on their prior knowledge of Slovene. We will inform you if we have a group for your level of knowledge no later than 15 June and ask you to make the payment. 


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