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I. SLOVENE IN THE MEDIA (the relationship between Slovene and other languages, and between the standard language and other varieties; the meaning of identity and prevailing function in the choice of language variety, genre and function)II. SLOVENE IN ADVERTISING (the language of advertising between identity and function)III. SLOVENE IN THE ARTS (in literature, theatre, cartoon strip, film)IV. SLOVENE IN SCHOOL (the role of the standard language and other varieties of Slovene as language of instruction and communication; developing awareness of language heterogeneity)V. SLOVENE IN LEGAL, ADMINISTRATIVE AND POLITICAL-DIPLOMATIC USE (taking into account hitherto marginalised groups; genres and discourses of the spoken and written legal-formal language)VI. SLOVENE AT UNIVERSITY (the relationship between Slovene and other languages, the use of genres in spoken and written academic discourse)VII. SLOVENE AT WORK (the adaptability of language varieties with regard to context and bearer, the role of foreign languages in specific work environments)VIII. SLOVENE AMONG SPECIAL GROUPS OF SPEAKERS (e.g. first and second generation immigrants, speakers from socially underprivileged environments, speakers with special needs)

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