Symposium Obdobja

The annual three-day symposium Obdobja (Epochs) is an international, academic convention, at which Slovene and foreign linguists and literary theorists are joined by specialists from other humanities fields. The symposium is led by members of Department of Slovene Studies, its themes are also selected by a committee that involves eminent academics from foreign universities and institutions.


Damjan Huber, PhD
T: +386 1 241 86 76


  • Invitation – 36th Obdobja Symposium

    You are invited to attend the 36th international academic symposium Obdobja entitled Slovene Literary Manuscripts from the Middle Ages to the Long Nineteenth Century, which will take place from 16 to 18 November 2017. Deadline for application: 15 March 2017. More about Symposium is HERE.

  • Invitation – Toporišič’s Obdobja (Era)

    You are invited to attend the 35th international academic symposium entitled Toporišič’s Obdobja (Era), which will take place from 10 to 12 November 2016. Deadline for application: 1 March 2016. More about Symposium is HERE.

Current Symposium

Symposium Obdobja 37

Older Media Used By Slovene Literature: Manuscripts and Printed Material

Ljubljana, 14–16 November 2018

Important dates

Description Date
Registration for the symposium  10 March  2018
Notification of the acceptance of the submitted theme 25 March 2018
Submission of the paper (up to 20,000 characters with spaces) 10 June 2018
Review process 10–30 June 2018
Notification of the referees’ evaluation 20 July 2018
Submission of the final (revised) version of the paper 25 August 2018
Notification of inclusion of the paper in the programme 30 September 2018
Payment and registration fee 10 November 2018
Symposium 14–16 November 2018


  • simpozij-obdobja-36

    Obdobja 36

  • simpozij-obdobja-35

    Obdobja 35

  • simpozij-obdobja-34-1-del

    Obdobja 34 (1.del)

  • simpozij-obdobja-34-2-del

    Obdobja 34 (2.del)

  • simpozij-obdobja-33

    Obdobja 33

  • simpozij-obdobja-32

    Obdobja 32

  • simpozij-obdobja-31

    Obdobja 31

  • simpozij-obdobja-30

    Obdobja 30

  • simpozij-obdobja-29

    Obdobja 29

  • simpozij-obdobja-28

    Obdobja 28

  • simpozij-obdobja-27

    Obdobja 27

  • simpozij-obdobja-26

    Obdobja 26

  • simpozij-obdobja-25

    Obdobja 25

  • simpozij-obdobja-24

    Obdobja 24

  • simpozij-obdobja-23

    Obdobja 23

  • simpozij-obdobja-22

    Obdobja 22

  • simpozij-obdobja-21

    Obdobja 21

  • simpozij-obdobja-20

    Obdobja 20

  • simpozij-obdobja-19

    Obdobja 19

  • simpozij-obdobja-18

    Obdobja 18

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