Residence Permit

The procedure and conditions for the issue of a particular type of residence permit or residence registration certificate for Slovenia vary according to whether it is a case of:

  • an issue of a temporary or permanent residence permit for a citizen of a ‘third country’ (‘third countries’ are all countries, except the EU countries, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) or
  • an issue of a residence registration certificate or permanent residence permit for citizens of the Member States of the European Economic Area – EEA (countries of the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).

Special regulations apply to foreigners who are family members of citizens of EEA Member States or family members of Slovenian citizens.

Third-country Citizens

Third-country citizens who want to enter Slovenia and reside here for educational reasons (Slovene course), must acquire a temporary residence permit issued in the Republic of Slovenia. You need to obtain this permitprior to entering the country. The same applies if you are a third-country citizen for which a visa to enter the Republic of Slovenia is not required. More…

Citizens of the Member States of the EEA

Citizens of another EEA Member State who wish to reside in the Republic of Slovenia may enter the Republic of Slovenia with a valid identity card or passport and do not need an entry permit, i.e. a visa or residence permit, regardless of the purpose of entry (even in the case that you came to the Republic of Slovenia due to employment, studies, self employment, settlement, etc.). In the first three months after entry, you may reside here without registering residence, solely on the basis of a valid passport or identity card, but you need to fulfil the obligation of registration with the police. For longer stays, however, you must register residence, i.e. file an application for the issue of a residence registration certificate, with the administrative unit in the area in which you reside before the termination of the permitted three-month residence period. Naturally, you may also file an application for the issue of the residence registration certificate immediately upon entering the Republic of Slovenia. More…

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